Egg Freezing and Who Might Benefit

Marsha Bievre Baker pic
Marsha Bievre Baker

Dr. Marsha Bievre Baker works at the University of Southern California and holds board certification in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Marsha Bievre Baker’s areas of expertise include fertility preservation methods such as egg freezing.

An increasingly popular fertility preservation technique for many women is to get their eggs frozen so they can have a child at some point in the future. This technique differs from embryo cryopreservation in that just the eggs, not a fertilized embryo, are frozen. However, egg freezing still requires a large time and financial commitment, and isn’t right for everybody.

Women considering egg freezing should first determine if it aligns well with their long-term goals and needs. Some women who pursue this option have decided to focus on their career or other personal endeavors during the years when they are most fertile. In these cases, egg freezing can provide some level of fertility insurance for the future.

Women who have received a cancer diagnosis might also consider egg freezing, since certain cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy, can interfere with the ability to conceive. Other women might have family members who experienced early menopause due to genetic factors and want to preserve eggs in case they have the same experience. Finally, women who oppose embryo freezing for religious or personal reasons might consider egg freezing as an alternative. A fertility specialist can provide more information on the procedure and what it involves.


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